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July 16, 2014

Success for Agrii Grant Applicants

As some of you may remember a couple of grants have been available nationally over the past few months for items such as GPS systems, base stations, livestock handling systems and rainwater harvesting as well as a grant for flood recovery too.

Most of the decisions have been made by the RDPE on applications and many of the applicants have now had confirmation of whether their grant was approved or rejected.

Nationally the demand for the FFIS grant has been high – £26 million has been applied for and only £10 million to give away, the success rate has been estimated at approximately 75% by the RDPE.  However for those that took up Agrii’s expertise in grant applications in the East region the success rate was 100% and the total grant cash achieved by these was £106,540.  This clearly demonstrates the benefits of gaining professional advice and help when it comes to applying for grant aid.

When the next grant opportunity becomes available we will publicise – please get in touch if you would like help applying.

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