Rising to the Challenges of Greater Change

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May 30, 2017

Rising to the Challenges of Greater Change

Balance, focus and endurance will be important critical success factors for our industry in adjusting to the world after Brexit, believes Agrii chief executive, David Downie. And these must be underpinned by a drive to out-perform.

“British farming has always been remarkable in its capacity to cope with change,” he stressed.  “It has proved extremely resilient in the past and I have no doubt it will continue to do so as our exit from the European Union changes the fundamental structures we have relied upon for more than 40 years.

“We really don’t know by how much or how rapidly things will change beyond 2020. But the one thing we do know is that success for us all will depend on being more productive and more flexible in everything we do.

“For our part this means better understanding how the shape of our industry will change in the years ahead, keeping our growers better-informed about these changes and making sure we are better than any other business in both adapting ourselves and helping them adapt.”

David Downie is convinced that the Agrii model of class-leading research and development, trust-based local partnerships and the most advanced decision support and logistics will stand the industry in especially good stead in rising to the challenge of change ahead.

“We’ve already made huge progress in all four of the main out-performance pillars of our new five year strategy introduced earlier this year,” he reported. “Particularly so in the fields of decision support, seed supply and soil health and nutrition alongside our long-standing crop protection leadership.

“New decision support tools and initiatives for managing wheat key diseases like Septoria and Yellow Rust, selecting the most appropriate cereal and oilseed rape varieties and optimising spring barley production are cases in point here.

“Alongside this we’ve our extended our integrated quality seed development, supply and mobile processing services across the country while our SoilQuest precision agronomy and soil and nutrition services have been significantly strengthened by Origin’s acquisition of AgSpace and Intelligent Precision Farming (IPF).

“These and a host of other balanced developments across our business are focussed first and foremost on providing the most timely, relevant and locally-delivered support,” David Downie explained. “Through it we are committed to out-performing for our growers so they can out-perform in a future of undoubted opportunity as much as uncertainty.”