Origin Acquisitions Further Enhance Agrii Capabilities

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March 28, 2017

Origin Acquisitions Further Enhance Agrii Capabilities

Supporting Agrii’s focus on improving the nutritional capability and resilience of soils and making the most of data and digital technologies in farm decision-making, parent company Origin Enterprises have confirmed the acquisition of Bunn Fertiliser Ltd and The Resterra Group – better known as AgSpace and Intelligent Precision Farming (IPF).

Resterra will be part of Origin’s new digital focus and collaborate closely with their ambitious agri – tech partnership with the University College Dublin. This acquisition is another demonstration of Origin’s commitment to further increase the breadth and depth of nutritional, precision agronomy, data management and decision support services and expertise that form an important part of the Agrii promise to helping UK growers outperform with the best research-led agronomy.

“Farming across the country is having to adapt to a pace of financial and political as well as agronomic change that has seldom been greater,” said Agrii chief executive, David Downie.  “To do this in the most sustainable way it requires equally fast-paced progress in the integrated agronomic support we provide.

“Amongst other things, application accuracy, real time information analysis and decision support systems based on local data are becoming more and more important in ensuring the most cost-effective and precise production our growers require.  At the same time, the need to build greater resilience into their soils and complement their crop protection programmes with the best-balanced nutrition for healthier crops has never been greater.

“The latest Origin Enterprises acquisitions significantly enhance our capabilities in all these important areas,” he explained.  “Alongside our strength-in-depth of local agronomy, established expertise in seeds, crop protection, nutrition and precision agronomy and market-leading research programme, they will allow us to provide even better support to help our growers outperform in today’s fast changing world.”

The Resterra Group

Based in the UK, AgSpace and IPF deliver bespoke precision agronomy applications and are leading providers of agri-technology services. AgSpace has been a supplier of digital technologies and expertise in the agricultural software application (APS software) delivered to Agrii’s SoilQuest and Decision Support service functions since 2013.

Ben Gillingham, Co – founder and Managing Director of Resterra commented ‘’under Origin we will be able to increase the throughput of our digital products and services to Agrii, meeting the demand for advanced technologies to support decision making on farm.’

Bunn Fertiliser Limited

Also UK- based, Bunn Fertiliser is a leading provider of prescription fertiliser blends and nutrition management systems servicing the arable, grassland and horticultural sectors. The business has a clear focus on crop yield, quality and soil fertility requirements closely aligned with Agrii’s R&D commitment to improving the nutritional and structural status of soils for sustainable production.