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September 22, 2016

New high value high security option for late wheat drilling

Growers across central England and the Eastern counties have an exciting high value,
high security option for late wheat drilling this season with a new buy-back contract for top quality bread wheat, Nelson to supply leading British family miller, Heygates.

The joint Agrii/Glencore contract with Cope Seeds for harvest 2017 follows Heygates thorough evaluation of the variety’s qualities and detailed Agrii performance and agronomy trials.

With the highest bread-making quality rating attainable in its native Germany, Nelson has the benefit of offering something different to mainstream UK Group 1 wheats in the flour grist.

“Our extensive testing of Nelson has shown the variety possesses extremely positive features and functionality for our bread flours,” pointed out George Mason of Heygates.

“In baking we’ve found it shows a white crumb with no evidence of weakness and produces loaves with good volume. It’s a wheat we see fitting well alongside the very good range of Group 1s currently available to us.”

Two years of Agrii trials have confirmed the variety’s excellent Group 1 quality and outstanding disease resistance.  Resistance scores of 7.1 for Septoria tritici, 9.0 for yellow rust and mildew and 6.8 for brown rust, indeed, give it one of the highest combined disease ratings of any current winter wheat.

“This is reflected in the high green leaf retention and impressive untreated yields we’ve seen in our work,” commented Agrii seed trials manager, Colin Patrick. “In addition to a high HFN and protein content, Nelson has delivered a specific weight well ahead of any other Group 1 in our trials and very low screening losses.

“We’ve found it performs consistently well as both a first and second wheat on medium and heavy soils. Its rapid speed of development and wide sowing window makes it ideally suited to later drilling, an important feature where blackgrass is an issue.

“Nelson’s relatively early maturity is a character that will also be appreciated by many,” he explained. “Overall, it stands out as a high security as well as high value wheat choice with much to offer in difficult black-grass situations, in particular.”

“Our contract for Heygates means valuable market as well as production security,” added Agrii crop marketing manager, Paul Taylor. “It offers attractive Group 1 premiums with reasonable specification tolerances and the ability to fix the base price at any time up to a month before collection.

“This is the latest in the series of ‘guaranteed market’ options we are developing with varieties our research has shown combine superior agronomics with particular end-user appeal for the best combination of industry value and security.”