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March 4, 2013

Introducing the 15t/ha Challenge, Best of British Wheat

Thomas Goodman and Todd Jex, agronomists in our West region are the two newest bloggers to our team! Tom and Todd have a significant involvement in our 15t/ha challenge in Wilshire and will blog about the success and challenges of this project as it progresses… their first blog entry below.

Exactly one year ago we set ourselves the challenge of achieving a yield of 15 tonne/ha of wheat from a large scale plot, in challenging conditions. Although we did not achieve 15 tonne, we did come close! We achieved 12.7 tonne in a year when yields were down some 20%, this was testament to our attention to detail and prescriptive methodology. We had created a crop certainly capable of more but were ultimately beaten by the weather!

So one year on, here we are again. Our goal – the same, our soil conditions – the same, our drive and enthusiasm – the same, the weather – hopefully different!

The site may be different the soil conditions are not. We are limited with about 30-40cm of a clay/loam over chalk, with a pH of 8. Our first soil test reflected conditions expected with a high pH; low Mn, Mg and Cu availability.A situation familiar to many farming the south Wiltshire chalk-land.P and K indices have been recorded assatisfactory; however we have increased our dose rate to reflect the needs of a higher yielding crop. Further nutrient analysis will be done with regular tissue tests.

Our first Nitrogen application has gone on and when conditions allow we will be applying a foliar nutrition, plant stimulants and growth regulators to encourage tiller retention and promote root growth.

We look forward to taking you with us on this challenge, watch this space for regular updates on the project as it continues to develop….

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