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March 9, 2021

First come… first RESERVED

With our changing climate presenting ever more unpredictably in our weather patterns, farming businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to build resilience into their operations.

After two poor autumns in a row, one way to ensure that you have your seed supply ready and waiting for whenever a good early drilling window appears is to choose Master Seeds RESERVED seed.

Supplies are limited, so please get in touch soon for more information and to secure your seed now for June/July delivery.

Master Seeds RESERVED seed is held back from the previous harvest for growers who require early seed supply for the following year. Using data from our extensive national R&D trials and the Agrii Advisory List, we hand-pick varieties for our RESERVED seed range that are best suited to early drilling. Following germination testing and production in June, your RESERVED seed will arrive on-farm, in advance at a convenient time for you – avoiding logistical challenges at the time of drilling.

RESERVED seed is available now for winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, winter barley and winter rye orders, and it comes with all of the usual Master Seeds benefits, and delivered by Agrii’s industry-leading logistics team.

The Master Seeds benefits:

  • Agrii has the most extensive trials network in the UK, with these trials results being used to create the Agrii Advisory List – a balanced view of what different varieties can offer, providing the highest level of resilience and consistency.
  • Master Seeds certified seed is processed using our own or Agrii approved production facilities.
  • It is fully traceable and undergoes rigorous quality control. Our Master Seeds are tested more rigorously than both C1 and C2 Higher Voluntary Standard seed – providing you with product integrity so that you can sow with confidence.
  • We can provide a range of seed treatment solutions tailored to suit your requirements and meticulously tested through our own trials network to provide the best-proven products in the industry.

Find out more about RESERVED seed:
Please get in touch with your usual Agrii Agronomist or Seed Specialist for more information, or contact the Agrii Seed Desk on 01277 898202 or email

You can also download our RESERVED seed information leaflet here