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August 8, 2013

Early Combining Encouragement in Yorkshire

Rain continues to frustrate combining across south and west Yorkshire, but early winter barley yields have been very encouraging, reports Agrii agronomist, Sam Patchett.

“Although we’ve had a few cases of Volume doing over 10t/ha, we’re mostly looking at
7.5-8t/ha, with hybrids coping better with the season’s conditions than most – albeit on a limited acreage. The earlier harvested crops will almost certainly be the best performers. So we’re expecting quite a lot round the 6.5-7t/ha mark. Even so, this is remarkable considering we had tiny plants under a thick cover of snow only four months ago.”

Weather-permitting, Sam expects a decent amount of his area’s winter barley to be off in the coming week, with a determined start being made on the earliest winter rapes and even the odd field of wheat.

“The weather has brought our crops along unbelievably in the past three weeks,” he says. “We’re still facing a huge range of maturities, though – within as well as between fields. We should finally have all our OSR sprayed off in the next few days, but earlier maturing crops of DK ExPower had their Roundup more than two weeks ago and are well ready.

“It’s all a matter of finding the combining time. Thanks heavens for genetic pod shatter resistance bolstered by the Iskay sticker we sprayed on almost every field !

“At the moment it looks like we’ll be having winter barley, spring barley, winter OSR, winter wheat and even peas coming ready all together. With this and OSR establishment all on the immediate priority list, we’re certainly in for a very hectic two or three weeks. As a cricketer, I can safely say the rain at Old Trafford on Monday was much appreciated. But the last thing we need from now on is much more of the same!”