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December 3, 2013

December Trials Update

At the risk of sounding like I’m at confession – it’s been seven months since my last blog.  It’s been a busy time ever since harvest began back in July and we’ve only recently finished the bulk of our autumn drilling.  Trial spraying and assessing is now in full swing, mostly to pick up on herbicide crop damage and control effects.  We also have an extensive range of variety, seed treatment, insecticide, nutrition and fungicide work in the ground, all of which are being carefully monitored to pick up on any effects.  Yellow and brown rust have been noted in both the east and the north so we’ll be able to get an early indication of variety susceptibility. 

We have a lot of interesting novel technologies in trials this year including this nice piece of kit (pictured).  It’s used to spray Roundup between rows of oilseed rape and at the same time sprays your usual selective herbicide on top of the rows.  We’ll be monitoring its effectiveness at controlling blackgrass and broad-leaved weeds along with any crop phytotoxicity effects.

The Throws Farm site redevelopment is continuing at a good pace with all of the main structures put up and a lot of the internal work also complete.  There’s still six months to go but everything appears to be on track and we’re looking forward to the trials tours in the summer.