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April 4, 2013

Agrii Supports the Next Generation

Agrii is investing in the future of the industry through an initiative to help encourage and develop the next generation of agronomists and farmers.

Currently being piloted in the West of England and coordinated by members of Agrii’s young development-agronomists group, the project is aimed at all those who are becoming more involved in decision-making on farms. It involves a number of events during the year including farm visits, field-walking alongside experienced agronomists and attendance at Agrii’s ‘iFarms’ to see new innovations in action. Practical sessions will look at topics such as:

  • Cultivations and timings
  • Macro and micro nutrition
  • Soils
  • Seedbeds
  • Marketing & contracts
  • Application of pesticides

Nigel Francis, Agrii Agronomist and Business Manager in the West Midlands, said: “Everyone is aware of the need to recruit and train the next generation, whether in practical farming roles, or working in the advice and supply sector. Agrii has taken on a number of development agronomists in recent years and we understand the challenges younger people can face when entering the industry”.

“In terms of its technical knowledge, Agrii is at the cutting edge and we also have considerable practical experience of how to apply this knowledge at the farm level to produce profitable, sustainable farm businesses. We believe we have a responsibility to help these young people and through our networks can bring them together to offer our support and guidance”.

Two recent meetings – one in conjunction with the local NFU branch – have been well attended, and have gone down well with the attendees, as well as with established farm managers and owners who have supported the initiative.

“Succession is an issue which we are acutely aware of,” concludes Nigel Francis, “and it’s important that we provide the best possible skills and knowledge to a new generation of agriculturalists who are the future of the industry.”

Anyone interested in finding out more should contact:

Nigel Francis, Agrii. Robert Baker, Agrii.