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February 10, 2015

Agrii Lemken Guide to Good Blackgrass Stale Seedbeds

Stale seedbeds are an essential agronomic tool in the fight against problem grass weeds. As weeds become increasingly resistant to herbicides, it is important to avoid them emerging in the crop and a good stale seedbed will provide the perfect environment for the weeds to germinate and emerge, so that they can be sprayed off with glyphosate before the crop is planted.

But what makes a good stale seedbed?

Based on many years of extensive trials work at our Stow Longa Blackgrass technology Centre, Agrii and Lemken have produced a pocket guide to highlight best practice techniques for effective stale seedbeds.

Hard copies of the guide will be available at Agrii events this summer and can be requested by Agrii customers by speaking with your agronomist.

An online flip-book version is also available and can be requested by clicking here