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Green Horizons Blog

April 16, 2021


Welcome to Agrii’s Green Horizons blog – a place for everything sustainable.

From taking one look at our manifesto, you have probably recognised the broad array of topics Green Horizons is covering. Through our R&D, environmental training, famer networking and other projects, this initiative hopes to answer the questions we all have about sustainable food production in our changing climate.

There is a large range of information being made available with Green Horizons, whether that be through our insight reports, webinars or articles. In amongst this, we want to provide more regular and informal updates on progress and learning from the various projects. This blog is designed to do just that.

So stay tuned for updates throughout the year to hear about our work, and also establish what this means for your farming business.

If you have any questions arise from reading this blog, please do get in contact with us at info@agrii.co.uk