Fertilisers Fertilisers 5 www.agrii.co.uk Fertilisers Agroblen 15+9+9 (12–14 months) Specific Usage: Base fertiliser for top fruit trees. Agroblen 15+9+9 is a resin controlled release fertiliser. This is the ideal fertiliser to provide the release characteristics suitable for re-planting fruit trees. The release period is 12-14 months. Pack size: 25kg Code: ARGOB1 Sportsmaster Renovator Pro 10+2+4 New Sportsmaster Renovator Pro is the triple action fertiliser from Scotts. As well as providing essential nutrients to promote growth and improve colour, it contains two selective herbicides for routine and heavy weed control. In addition, it contains iron for the control of moss and rapid green-up of the turf. Pack size: 25kg Application rate: 35g/m2 Code: RENOPRO25KG Sportsmaster Spring & Summer 9-7-7 Sportsmaster Spring and Summer is an all-rounder that breaks down quickly to give rapid uptake of nutrients. For use any time between the beginning of spring and end of summer. Pack size: 25kg Application rate: 35 – 70g/m2 Code: SCOTTS97725KG Sportsmaster Autumn & Winter 4-12-12 Sportsmaster Autumn is ideally used to strengthen turf in autumn, or when turf needs pre-stress conditioning. Size: 25kg Application rate: 35 - 70g/m2 Code: SPORTSAUT