Vineyard Products Max tapener machines – The tried and tested method for tying in vines. New model Max-Tapener HT-R The HT-B has been renewed to weigh less and to operate more easily. Less stapling effort: light stapling improves productivity and reduces the risk of wrist fatigue New fixed pusher unit prevents losing the pusher Wider space for easier tape placement Easier to remove the jammed staples from the front side New durable hinge with steel shafts inserted to increase durability New engineered plastic cover avoids any vines from jamming in the hook Weight is 20% less than the HT-B – only 420g – lightest weight in its class Product Quantity Code Machine (HTR) Single MAXT2 Staples 2500 MAXSTAPL Tape Description Size Pack size AX code Max Tape Green 26m 10 rolls MAXT13 Max Tape Green 40m 10 rolls MAXT9 Max Tape Red 16m 10 rolls MAXT7 Max Tape Blue 26m 10 rolls MAXT6 Max Blades 3Pk MAXBLADE Bamboo canes Size Quantity Code 900mm (3ft) 500/bale CAN3/9 1200mm (4ft) 250/bale CAN4/18 1800mm (6ft) 250/bale CAN6/28 2400mm (8ft) 125/bale CAN8/44 2.94m 22-24 mm 50/bale CAN30 Vineguards For protection from damage by vermin and herbicides. Enhanced establishment. Type Size Code Vineguard 60cm RAI23 Plastic mesh 60cm RAI21 Snapmax guard 75cm RAI24 47