Vineyard Products 46 Tudor Rods Anchor Rods Code: VINE1.2M 850mm x 12mm Code: ANCHORROD Bamboo canes Size Quantity Code 900mm (3ft) 500/bale CAN3/14 1200mm (4ft) 250/bale CAN4/18 Treefix Code: TREEFIX30 Vineguards For protection from damage by vermin and herbicides. Enhanced establishment. Type Size Code Vineguard 60cm RA123 Plastic mesh 60cm TREEMASH Vine Sleeve 60cm VIC1 Vine clips Various clips for securing vines to support wires and tutor. Product Quantity Code Elbow clip NR40 Per 1000 VICL02 Rebstar ‘big’ clip Per 1000 VICL06 Netting clip Per 1000 NETCL1 Stabfix metal clip (for bamboo) Per 1000 STABFIX1 Stapfix metal clip (for metal rods) Per 1000 STABFIXZERO Green twist ties 4,6 and 8 inch RAI28 Vine Ties 3mm x 100mm Yellow TIE3 5mm x 300mm Green/Yellow TIE4 8mm x 150mm Green TIE5 Nails & Chain Type Size / Quantity Code Hook nail 5mm/5kg/per 900 HOOKNAIL5 Chains 200mm/7 links/per 100 WINA20 Nails 1kg/c.145 WINA02