Wire, Tree Stakes & Fencing Crapal® Optimum Wire Zinc/Aluminium/Magnesium coating Long lasting smooth surface High tensile strength and breaking load Reduced elongation More usable metres per coil for the same weight Important savings per hectare thanks to the reliable quality of the wire Eco-friendly product For non-stock items, minimum order quantity will apply Coiled Wire Coiled wire is a useful and cost-effective product which suits a variety of applications. Coiled wire is available in a choice of convenient specifications, both in high tensile and mild steel. Diameter Length Weight Code 2.5mm High Tensile 650m 25kg WIR2.5H/T 2.5mm Mild Steel 650m 25kg WIR2.5S/S 3.15mm High Tensile 410m 25kg WIR3.15H/T 3.15mm Mild Steel 410m 25kg WIR3.15S/S Gripple wire joiners, tensioners and anchoring systems The system of choice for joining and tensioning steel wire trellis work. Size Specification Code Standard For 2 - 3.15mm GRIPPLES Jumbo Up to 5mm GRIPPLEJ Gripple Tensioner Tool For tensioning GRIPPLER G-Pack 3 and 4 Anchoring kit GRIPPLEANCH Diager Tool For anchoring VIC1 Size Weight of coil Number of metres per coil Code 2.00mm Crapal® Optimum Wire 25kg 1000m WIR2.0MSC 2.50mm Crapal® Optimum Wire 25kg 650m WIR2.5AL 38 www.agrii.co.uk