Turf Master 37 www.agrii.co.uk kg required to reseed at 20 g / m2 35 g / m2 Small football pitch 90m x 45m 80 140 Large football pitch 120m x 90m 220 380 Bowling green 40m x 40m x 60 Cricket Square 27m x 6m x 40 Hockey pitch 90x x 55m 100 180 Polo pitch 275m x 180m 1000 x Rugby pitch 100m x 70m 140 250 Required seed rates We would recommend that over-seeding during or at the end of the playing season is part of your normal management. This will help to maintain ground cover and lengthen the time between re-seeds. Agrii offers a nationwide service of advice and seed supply. If your needs are not met within the available grass seed mixtures please contact your agronomist for a customised mixture.