Safety Equipment The 2000 Series The 2000 series is designed and built to comply with future international safety standards. In addition, special focus has been put on operator comfort, safety and modern design. With only few and very easily repairable wearing parts along with the very ergonomic design, the 2000 series will prove to be the model sprayer of the future. The 2000 series is available in 15 litre and 20 litre versions. The 2000 Series offers you: Chemical resistant shoulder pads for safety and comfort together with a waist belt to spread the load Service kits, nozzle packs and spare parts are also available Ergonomic handle with storage facility for extra nozzles, filters and other accessories Large filler hole and deep strainer to prevent splash back to strainers / filters to clean impurities before nozzle outlet High resistance GRP Lance adaptable for all types of nozzles Ergonomic, robust and lightweight design Left/right hand operation Wide range of accessories All parts easily repairable without the use of tools CP3 20lts Code: KNAPSA0002 CP5 5lts Code: KNAP17 CP15 15lts Code: KNAP16 1 Respirator 7700 half mask and filters Class 2 half mask with EN 148-1 thread connection. 1 mask and 2 filters required. Mask Code: NORTH5 Filters Code: NORTH22 Face Shield Perfo Nova 82044 Code: NORTH1 Respirator 5400 full face & filter (N5400) Class 2 full face mask with EN-136 thread connection. 1 mask and 1 filter required. Mask Code: NORTH20 Filters Code: NORTH22