Silage Wrap Farmer’s Silage Wrap ✔ UV Stabilised. ✔ 5 layer silage wrap ✔ Consistent quality from Farmer’s ✔ High tack levels ensures a perfect seal ✔ FARMER’S SILOGRASS is one of the most established silage wraps in today’s market, suitable for round bale wrapping and big square bales in all conditions. Available in 3 and 5 layers. Black 750mm Code: SILOG0001 Black 500mm Code: SILOG0002 Green 750mm Code: SILOG003 TPL Farm Films are tried and tested to withstand the extremes of weather conditions ranging from harsh Nordic winters to high summer temperatures of continental Europe and the wet climes of Britain and Ireland. Unique triple layer construction, instant bond and long term adhesion, eliminating “tailing” after wrapping and complete air-fastness for a minimum of 12 months. Even colour dispersion without stretch marks and windowing. Unique additive package for long-term protection against film breakdown. High tack and impact strength for use on all balewrappers – round or square, static or trailed, semi or fully auto. FARM FILM PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Width 500mm 750mm Length per roll 1,800m 1,500m Reel Weight 22kg 27.5kg Reels per pallet 48 reels 40 reels Thickness: 25mu SPECIAL PROPERTIES Unique antioxidant/UV Stabilisers for Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Deep Sea. ENVIRONMENTAL All TPL Farm Films are recyclable, in accordance with the latest environmental guidelines. Used film is suitable for plastics recycling or it may be burned in a special incinerator without producing hazardous by-products. Black 750mm Code: SILAFLEX7 Black 500mm Code: SILAFLEX Green 750mm Code: POLY17 Green 500mm Code: POLY16 35