Twines / Netwrap 34 Maxicover HT 3000m 28 packs per pallet Code: NETWRAP Bale Netwrap ✔ TamaNet™ Edge to Edge 4500m & 3600m (3600m currently comes with 200m extra free) ✔ Bluebell Netwrap 3000m & 3600m Baler Twine Big Bale 7200ft Code: TWIN12 8600ft Code: TWIN10 Jute Twine 1400m 2 ply Fillis Jute Twine 3 ply Fillis Jute Twine Code: FILLIS2 Code: FILLIS3 Maxicover HT 3600m 28 packs per pallet Code: NETWRAP5 Medium 12000ft Code: TWIN06 Hay 10000ft Code: TWIN05 Fine 22300ft Code: TWIN09 Tama Twine ✔ Spools fit in all balers. ✔ The only fully OEM validated Big Baler twine range. ✔ Unrivalled consistency of fibrillation, twisting, suppleness and knotting performance. ✔ Validated by leading knotter manufacturer RASSPE. Code: TWIN13 Netwrap Agrii stocks a full range of Cotesi, Maxicover, Farm Films, Farmer’s and Tama netwrap, film and twine products including the following: Code: TAMANET Code: TAMANET