Crop Covers 31 Gro-Therm Gromax ‘highblend’ polymer is used in the design of Gro-Therm to produce this clear, perforated film, warming up the growing environment to speed up the development of healthy and superior crops. Gro-Therm has a specialist perforated pattern for maximum strength, creating consistent growing conditions across the entire crop to ensure that all plants achieve the same fast growth rate. Gro-Clean This strong and highly durable mulching film blocks weeds and prevents soil from coming into direct contact with fruit and green vegetables. This product raises the value of your crop. It means weed free growing, less time- consuming harvests as well as enhanced appearance of produce. Roll size: 2m x 700m, 35mu, Black Code: CL50B1400600 Single bed Gro-Therm Diamond 200 Roll size: 2.1m x 700m Code: GT38D0210700 Multi bed Gro-Therm Roll size: 12m x 1000m Code: GT42C1201000 Gro-Clean specialist strawberry film With added strengths and enhanced UV protection, this specialist film is the choice for growers around the world. Roll size: 1.4m x 600m, 50mu, Black Code: CL50B1400600