Crop Covers 28 Gro-Net Bird Net Green Size: 15mm x 17mm, 12m x 100m Code: NTAB1512100 Size: 15mm x 17mm, 20m x 100m Code: NTAB1520100 Blue Lightweight Netting Protects grapes against birds and wasps Limited use, usually 1-2 years Material: High Density Polyethylene Weight: 30g/m² (included all the reinforcements) Widths: 0.9m x 250m, 1.2m x 250m Colour: Clear (Crystal) Code: GNVN0120250 Gro-Net Vine Net Green Material: 100% Virgin HDP (High Density Polyethylene) Weight: 35g sqm Size: 0.9m x 100m Colour: Green Additions: UV Treated, long life Style: 8mm x 8mm round hole Code: GNVN0090250 Gro-Net Anti-Hail/Bird Net Size: 20m x 100m Code: NTABD2000100