Crop Covers 27 Gromax Gro-Net Range Gro-Net AWF/7 This product is formed into a specialist, oblong-style mesh, and allows good air and water transmission. This creates a very fine barrier against White Fly and other insects, giving the best possible result. Mesh size: 0.25mm x 0.8mm. Weight: 125g/m2 Code: NTWF7300100 Gromax Gro-Net CC/1 This product is designed to help towards protection against cabbage and carrot root fly, but also increases protection against hail, birds, rabbits and game. Mesh size: 1.3mm x 1.3mm. Weight: 60g/m2 Code: NTCC11300100 Gro-Net AA/6 Designed to help towards protection against aphids, the monofilament Gro-Net range includes UV stabilisation, and is manufactured using monofilament, high density polyethylene HDPE. Mesh size: 0.75mm x 0.75mm. Weight: 105g/m2 Code: NTAA61300100