Crop Covers 26 Gromax Gro-Fleece non-woven crop covers Gro-Fleece non-woven crop covers offer a wealth of specialist features: Lightweight, gently protecting without crushing delicate shoots and new growth UV stabilised structure to withstand UV degradation throughout the season High translucence with excellent air and moisture permeability Protection against light frosts whilst raising soil temperature by several degrees centigrade Bird and game damage to the crop can be dramatically reduced Easy to lay by hand or by standard film laying machinery Gromax Ultimate 1823 Gromax has developed a revolutionary system for improving the performance of Gro- Fleece crop covers. With Polypropylene extruded weld, you now have the most robust material available. With a unique production process, Gromax has developed the greatest strength available for lightweight crop coverings in this range. Gromax Ultimate 1823 has more material in the area close to the seam. This additional weight on either side of the join gives up to 50% more strength compared to a standard non-woven type. 12.8m x 250m Code: F18231280250 10.5m x 250m Code: F18N10500250 12.8m X 250m Code: F18N12800250 Can’t see what you’re looking for? For more information, contact Agrii T: 0845 607 3322