Dutch Plantin Coco-pith production: The husk which grows around the hard coconut contains both fibres and fine materials. After most of the fibre has been removed we are left with the fine material, the Coco-pith. When Dutch Plantin started with the production of Coco-pith, 20 years ago, large amounts of this fine pith were stored in the open field for many years. This gave a product that was washed (after many monsoons) and stable (after staying there for so many years). Nowadays this is different: those buffers are exhausted and if you want to be sure to have a reliable, stable and clean Coco-pith, it is necessary to change to a more professional and industrial way of working. Coco-pith Coco-pith is a growing medium which has been in use for many years. The popularity is due to the remarkable good characteristics: Coco-pith has naturally a high air-porosity Coco-pith absorbs water easily Coco-pith is a stable material Coco-pith is a 100% organic material Coco-pith is easy to handle Coco-pith can be transported in compressed form in different shapes Coco-pith is a growing medium with proven experience 17 www.agrii.co.uk