Dutch Plantin Growbags The big bales from stock Since 1985, Dutch Plantin has been involved in the production of growbags. The Dutch Plantin growbag is a complete growing substrate which is easy to handle and easy to use. The growbags are produced in India where the production plants of Dutch Plantin can be found. After the production of the substrate, the material is compressed in planks to improve the transport of the growbags to the end user. The bags are available in different sizes (length, width and height) and therefore very client-friendly for the grower. Dutch Plantin growbags: Contain a consistent growing medium Are available in different structures o The standard growbags contain 100% Coco-pith o The Optima growbags contain fine Coco-chips Can be produced with plant holes Can be produced in different sizes Have a high UV resistance Are easy to handle Are available with washed, as well as buffered, coco Are delivered on pallets Types of substrate: Both the bag and its contents are thoroughly tested. It is no coincidence that Dutch Plantin is the first producer to receive a RHP label on buffered growbags. A big advantage of these growbags is that you are always assured of the correct output and size. Because of different climates and cultures, client demands are often varieted. Dutch Plantin helps to find the right substrate for your culture and your climate. To serve the grower, there are 2 types of substrate, used in the Dutch Plantin growbag. First there is the growbag with 100% Coco-pith. This growbag is used for longer cultures (like roses) and also in warm climates where you find much evaporation. For shorter cultures and in cooler climates, a more coarse medium is often used. This Optima growbag contains fine Coco-chips, and for that reason has a higher air content and more drainage. The plastic which is used for the growbags is UV resistant, which is very important in warmer countries and when growbags are used for more than 1 year. 16 www.agrii.co.uk