Fertilisers Fertilisers 11 www.agrii.co.uk Soluble Fertilisers Calsal Liquid Calcium Nitrate Benefits: Calsal is a liquid calcium nitrate fertiliser Suited to application through all fertgation systems All nitrogen in the nitrate form Less than 0.002% NH4-N Compatibility: Calsal can be mixed with all water soluble fertilisers except stock solutions containing either sulphate or phosphate. Pack Size: Bulk, 1000 litre non-returnable IBC. Code: CALN6 Amnitra L Liquid Ammonium Nitrate Benefits: Amnitra L is a liquid nitrogen fertiliser, suited to application through all fertigation drip systems Safe to handle, non hazardous liquid ammonium nitrate. Compatibility: Can be used in combination with Calcinit, Magnitra L / Krista-Mag. Pack Sizes: 20 litre cans (24.8kg) Code: NITR8 1000 litre non-returnable IBC Code: NITR9 Can’t see what you’re looking for? For more information, contact Agrii T: 0845 607 3322 Nitrogen Fertiliser 34.5% prilled in 600kg bags (Minimum order of 3000kg) YaraBela PRILLED N (34.5% N) is a quality prilled ammonium nitrate fertiliser suitable for use on all crops. YaraBela PRILLED N contains nitrogen as both nitrate and ammonium. Plants require nitrogen in the ammonium and nitrate forms, so by applying these forms the nutrients are immediately available for plant growth. Nitrates are the most efficient form of nitrogen and are key to achieving optimum yields. YaraBela PRILLED N is a homogeneous, uniform sized, prilled fertiliser for even spreading over wide bout widths. Available in England, Wales and Scotland. Code: NITR4