b'FERTILISERSAgroblen Sportsmaster Renovator 15+9+9 (1214 months) Pro10+2+4Agroblen Total 15-9-9+3MgO is a coated,New Sportsmaster Renovator Pro is the NPK controlled release fertiliser.triple action fertiliser from Scotts.As well The continuous supply of nutrients, lastingas providing essential nutrients to promote 12-14 months, creates a fantastic uniformgrowth and improve colour, it contains two crop growth.This Agroblen product fitsselective herbicides for routine and heavy into re-plantation programs and is weed control.In addition, it contains iron safe to use in for the control ofearly crop moss and rapidstages (with green-up oflow EC rates). the turf.ApplicationSize & Code:rate: 35g/m 225kgARGOB1 Size & Code: 25kgRENOPRO25KGSportsmaster Spring Sportsmaster Autumn& Summer 9-7-7 & Winter 4-12-12Sportsmaster Spring & Summer is an all- Sportsmaster Autumn is ideally used to rounder that breaks down quickly to givestrengthen turf in autumn, or when turf rapid uptake of nutrients.For use any timeneeds pre-stress conditioning.between the beginning of spring and endApplicationof summer. rate: 35 - 70g/m 2Applicationrate: 35 - 70g/m 2 Size & Code: 25kgSize & Code:SPORTSAUT25kgSCOTTS97725KG8E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'