b"GREEN HORIZONSFive Point PlanWithin the Five Point Plan, what are the key areasof development for sustainable production?Accredited environmental training program. Working alongside leading Advanced soil healthindustry bodies to measureExpansion of virtual assessment regime. the impact of farm inputs. iFarm events andIncreased adoption Working towards achievingtrial tours.of tailored nutritionnet zero. Using carbonDevelopment of a programmes thoughcalculator tools to measure'Farmer Network'soil and plant tissueand identify areas of focus. to enable and sampling. increase knowledge Cover crops toG THE ENV I exchange.IN R Omaximise biodiversityN C N Engagement with and improve soilA M organisations suchH Econdition andN N as NGOs, and ETdrainage. food processors throughout the VING SOIL RE TAKEHOLDER E supply chain.R O SI S NP LI GE At theGM N N AI C core of I GDE EN ME T N EX E Tis ourFive PointR ATED WHOLEPlan M PRODUCTIV ITLooking into EG FA R Yregenerative T R A A Integrated soil, nutrientN M F N agriculture with I GDand IPM managementG S N a focus on farm N O I Vplanning. I D U L S A I profitability.I A E BTV O I R L IO R P S N C N I Y T I Agrii InnovationRootstock and variety selection for soil type Award. Welcoming and growing system. creative ideas from agronomists andFast track bio-solutions. farmers.Download Green Horizons and keep up to date atwww.agrii.co.uk/greenhorizonsAncillary Product Catalogue 53"