b'GREEN HORIZONSINTRODUCINGAgriis Commitment toSustainable Food ProductionIn an increasingly uncertain world, Green Horizons representsa comprehensive package of practical measures to improvethe economic, environmental and social resilience of UK foodand farming, backed by the best scientific intelligence.At the core of Green Horizons is our Five Point PlanIncreasing farmProviding Improving Enhancing the Extendingproductivity andintegrated wholesoil resilience environment stakeholder viability farm solutions engagementOver the course of 2021 well beWhat can you expect to see as a resultpublishing a series of Insightof Green Horizons?Reports that will outline theAnnual innovation awards schemeprogressively expandingFast-track bio-solutions screening programme of action that programmewere undertaking in each Advanced soil health assessment regimeof these five areas. Net Zero carbon demonstration iFarmsand knowledge exchangeYou can view these at Reduced input R&D challenge projectswww.agrii.co.uk/greenhorizons Accredited environmental trainingA Green Horizons Farmer NetworkE: info@agrii.co.uk | T 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk52 E: info@agrii.co.uk | T:: 0845 6073322 | www'