b'AGRII WEATHER STATIONSAgrii Weather Stationsinclude all the sensors required to compute the most common disease models.For a full list of available sensors, visit www.agrii.co.uk/products-services/agrii-weather-stationsSEN-R Combi-sensor Rain Gauge RG1GPRS Telemetry UnitExtremely accurate and200mm Various GPRS data loggers robust combi-sensor forDesigned as a universalare available to wirelessly air temperature andrain gauge that meets thetransmit the weather station humidity. needs of most applicationsdata depending on the and locations. location and requirements.Wind Sensors Soil Temperature ProbePyranometerWind sensors recordingA probe specificallyA sensor used for both wind speed anddeveloped for measuringrecording solarwind direction. soil temperature atradiation levels.variable depths.Leaf Wetness Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor Solar PanelAn electronic leaf sensorDesigned to measureProvides a power supply to simulate moisturesoil moisture andto the GPRS transmitter levels on leaves. temperature in all kindsenabling remote of soils at a wide range ofinstallation in most depths. locations.To find out more about our weather station network and decision support services, please contact Rhiza weather on 03300 949150 or email rhizaweather@agrii.co.uk.Ancillary Product Catalogue 51'