b'POLLINATION AGENTSPollination AgentsBumblebeesBumblebee hives have been used for pollination in a wide range of crops for over 20 years, helping UK growers achieve the highest yields of top quality fruit and vegetables.Prior to the development in the use of bumblebee hives, growers often relied on manual pollination.More efficient than honeybees, bumblebees work at lower temperatures and lower light intensities by in comparison.In this way bumblebee colonies tend to be smaller in number but more productive.We can supply a range of bumblebee hive types to suit most crops and situations both indoor (protected cropping) and outdoor.Bumblebees can be used effectively in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cane fruit, bush fruit, apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, top fruit, stone fruit; the list is almost endless!Hives are rated by size of the colony and this also relates to the period that they will remain active as well as the area they will effectively pollinate.Bombus Terrestris Audax Bombus TerrestrisThese can be used in all situations, Hives of this bee are only permitted for use in including both protected cropping andprotected cropping situations and you may outdoor crops such as apples, pears,require a licence from Natural England to blueberries and cherries to supplementuse this type of bee as they are not native to natural pollinating insects. the UK.When using bumblebees to pollinate outdoor crops, the hives should be positioned in the middle of the orchard or plantation to avoid the bees pollinating neighbouring crops. It is also important to ensure adequate protection is given to the hives against rain and direct sun.For specific advice and guidance on pollination and the other biological control options, contact your local Agrii agronomist.Ancillary Product Catalogue 47'