b'VINEYARD PRODUCTSTudor Rods Nails & ChainCode:Type, Size & Code:VINE1.2M Hook Nail 5mm/5kg/per 900 HOOKNAIL5Chains 200mm/7 links/per 100WINA20Nails1kg/c.145 WINA02Max Tapener MachineThe tried and tested method for tying in vines.Type, Quantity & Code:Machine (HTR)SingleMAXT2Tape (Red)Box of 10 MAXT7Staples (604)Box of 2400 MAXTSTAPLBamboo CanesSize, Quantity & Code:900mm (3ft)500/baleCAN3/91200mm (4ft) 250/bale CAN4/181800mm (6ft)250/bale CAN6/282400mm (8ft) 125/baleCAN8/442.94m 22-24mm 50/bale CAN30Split CanesSize, Quantity & Code:12" GreenPer 1000CANESP1218" Green Per 1000CANESP1824" Green Per 1000 CANESP2430" Green Per 1000CANESP3036" Green Per 1000CANESP3644E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'