b'VINEYARD PRODUCTSVineguards For protection from damage by vermin and herbicides. Enhanced establishment.Type, Size & Code:Vineyard60cmRA123Flexi Mesh65cm TREEMESHVine Sleeve60cm VIC1Vine ClipsVarious clips for securing vines to support wires and tutor.Type, Quantity & Code:Elbow Clip NR40Per 1000VICL02Rebstar Big ClipPer 1000 VICL06Netting ClipPer 1000 NETCL1Stabfix Metal Clip (for bamboo) Per 1000STABFIX1Stapfix Metal Clip (for metal rods) Per 1000STABFIXZEROGreen Twist Ties4",6" & 8" RAI28Vine Ties .Size, Colour & Code:3mm x 100mm Black TIE35mm x 300mm Yellow TIE48mm x 150mm Yellow TIE5Treefix Wooden Foliage ClipCode:Code: TREEFIX30 VINECLIPBIOAncillary Product Catalogue 43'