b'PRUNING EQUIPMENT & PICKING BUCKETSAluminium Loppers (Model 210A)Interchangeable aluminium handled loppers are extremely durable.Ergonomic and comfortable, with a soft non-slip coating on the handles.Fine blade adjustment mechanism to ensure a clean, precise cut.Size & Code: Maximum cutting diameter: 3.5cmLength: 60cmWeight: 785g FEL21Loppers Picking BucketsLong Handle These regular fruit picking buckets have A long handle lopper weighing 1.4kg. been, and still are the workhorse of the top A robust lopper with twist lock extendablefruit industry for over two decades.aluminium handles 63cm up to 93cm. Designed and engineered for use in Code:demanding situations, these buckets are ALTOPEX exceptionally functional and simple intheir operations.Steel HandleFirm, comfortable shoulder pads with A steel handled lopper with a weight of onlyfully adjustable buckles.1.2kg and a length of 60cm. Polyurethane foam casting.Code:Strong nylon oxford library (also ALTLOPST available with a soft velour finish for handling sensitive skinned fruit.LightweightAbrasion resistant PVC wear strips.A lightweight yet extremely strong lopperTough, durable, polyethylene shell making use of carbon fibre material.protects the fruit from bruising.Weighs complete at 88g and has a lengthof 60cm. Simple, easy-to-use rope and hookCode:catch system.ALTLOCF Long liner extension relieves back strain when releasing fruit.Small Bucket Size & Code: 21 Litre BUCK1Standard Bucket Size & Code: 28 Litre BUCK242E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'