b'TREE TIESTree Support Ties Tree TiesThe Tree Support Tie is designed to supportSize & Code: and protect the tree when grown against8mm x 150m GreenTREET8MMsteel, nylon wire and non slip cord.The tie5mm x 300m GreenTREET5MMacts as a cushion by the nature of the soft3mm x 100mm BlackTIE3synthetic rubber material and design.For the TST300, 400 and 600 lift upwards the5mm x 300mm YellowTIE4hinged centre block, position the support8mm x 150mm YellowTIE5wire underneath and into the two grooves either side.Bring the two straps round the tree and tighten each one, so the whole tie self grips.When the tie is tightened it self grips and does not slip along the wire or cord. The tie is soft, strong,black and UV protected.DescriptionSizeColourPack SizeCodeTree Support Ties (TST300)5cm diam x 3/4mm wireBlack 50 TREEST300Tree Support Ties (TST400)7.5cm diam x 3/4mm wireBlack50TREEST400Tree Support Ties (TST600)10cm diam x 6/8mm wireBlack 50 TREEST600Tree Tie 4mm x 320m Black Roll TREE4MMSoft Tree Tie 3mm x 150m Green Ball TREESOFTBuckle Tree Ties 60cm x 22mmBlack Single RAI3Ancillary Product Catalogue 39'