b'WIRE, TREE STAKES & FENCINGTraditionally Peeled, Air Dried StakesAny diameter can be supplied.Whilst not 100% redwood, these pressure creosoted stakes have been used successfully in the UK and Europe for many years.Size & Code: 2.5m No5STAK441.8m No6STAK613.5m No10STAK552.5m No6STAK56Please contact Agrii to find out the other sizes available.Spiral Tree Guards Shading/WindbreakSize & Code:Made from high density polyethylene 600mm 250/pack tapes and super strength monofi lament to TREEG1 give superior performance in all climactic conditions.Tapenet is tear proof, rot proof, resistant to both the elements and Elbow Clips pollutants and is pest and disease-free. It is equipped with secure, easy-fix eyelets NR40 for easy installation. Code:Performance: 50% shade andVICL02 wind reduction Material: Knitted high density polyethylenePostsAperture Size: Fine meshSize & Code: UV Stabilisation: 5 yearsIntermediate posts 2.5mVINEINTERPOST2.5M Colour: GreenEnd posts 2.75mVINEENDPOST2.75M Roll Size & Code: 1.2m x 50mROKO1.21.8m x 50mROKO1.838E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'