b'WIRE, TREE STAKES & FENCINGCoiled WireCoiled wire is a useful and cost-effective product which suits a variety of applications.Coiled wire is available in a choice of convenient specifications, both in high tensile and mild steel.DiameterLengthWeightCode 2.5mm High Tensile650m 25kgWIR2.5H/T2.5mm Mild Steel650m 25kgWIR2.5S/S3.15mm High Tensile410m 25kgWIR3.15H/T3.15mm Mild Steel410m 25kgWIR3.15S/SGripple Wire Joiners, Tensioners G-Pack 3 and 4 and Anchoring SystemsThe system of choice for joining and tensioning steel wire trellis work.Size SpecificationCodeStandard For 2 - 3.15mmGRIPPLESJumbo Up to 5mmGRIPPLEJGripple Tensioner ToolFor tensioningGRIPPLERG-Pack 3 and 4 Anchoring kitGRIPPLEANCHDiager Tool For anchoringVIC1GPAK Metal TrellisingCode:GRIPPLEMTIE36E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'