b'GROWING MEDIAEricaceous Compost Multi-Purpose CompostThis compost is specially formulated toOur multi-purpose compost is enhanced provide the correct pH balance for acid- with the innovative ingredient, Forest Gold, loving plants such as Rhododendrons,combined with essential nutrients and trace Azaleas and Camelias. elements, to create a premium product.Size & Code:Size & Code: 60L60L BULFG60 BULMP60Decorative Bark Chips Sterilised Top SoilLarger size bark chips made from entirelyBulrush sterilised top soil is carefully renewable resources.FSC approved.selected and graded to be lime-free and Use as a decorative mulch for bedsweed-free.Perfect for creating new beds and borders, suppression of weeds andand borders, replacing old soil, levelling moisture retention. lawns or making compost.Size & Code:Size & Code: 60L25L BULDEC60 BULTOPAncillary Product Catalogue 23'