b'GROWING MEDIAVitax Traditional Tree Traditional Pot andand Shrub Compost Bedding CompostSize & Code:An all peat compost suitable for75Lgrowing plants in pots and trays, VITAXTS75L hanging baskets and tubs.Size & Code: 75L VITAX75LVitax Q45.3 - 7.5 - 10.0 + 3 MgO + trace elements. A fertiliser suitable for many crops providing all the nutrients required for vigorous growth, abundant flowering and ripening of fruit.Size & Code: 75LVITAXQ4Levington Composts Humax Multi-PurposeSize & Code:CompostF1 75LF1LEV75L Code: M2 75LM2LEV75L HUMAX60LM3 75LM3LEV75L20E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'