b'SOLUBLE FERTILISERSNova N-K Nova Mag-S (13.5-0-46, potassium nitrate) provides(0-0-0+16MgO+32SO3, magnesiuma highly efficient source of nitrogen andsulphate) contains important nutrientspotassium, and dissolves quickly in water.for plant growth: magnesium plays aNova N-K contains nitrogen in nitrate formkey role in photosynthesis, and sulphurwhich is easily taken is an indispensable element in aminoup by the plants.acids synthesis.Code: POTNIT25KGNova Calcium(15.5-0-0+26.5CaO, calcium nitrate) is the most indispensable fertilizer in hydroponics.Nova Calcium dissolves quickly and easily in water. The product mainly contains nitrateCode: nitrogen, which isMAGNSULP25KGimmediately taken up by plants. Calcium is important to improve Nova Mag-N the quality and the(11-0-0+15.4MgO, magnesium nitrate) shelf life of the finalcontains important nutrients for plant growth: produce.nitrate nitrogen which is immediately Code:available to the plants, and magnesium CALN2 which is important for photosynthesis. Magnesium is one of the nutrients withhigh mobility in the plant and should be Nova SOPapplied continuously throughout the entire (0-0-0-0-51+44SO3, potassium sulphate) is thegrowth period.ideal fertilizer for crops with high potassiumTypical deficiency symptoms will firstand sulphur demands.Nova SOP is nitrogen- appear on old leaves.free, which makes this product suitable for use when nitrogen should be reduced (e.g. at fruit ripening stage), maintaining the right N:K ratio for this stage.The low salt index makes Nova SOP reliable in varioussoil types.Code:Code: POTC1MAGNNITR25KGAncillary Product Catalogue 17'