b'SOLUBLE FERTILISERSNova PeaK (MKP 0-52-34, monopotassium phosphate) is produced by the largest manufacturer of MKP worldwide; ICL.Its is a high purity product, totally soluble in water and fast dissolving.Effective andIt is the most concentrated straight fertilizer containing phosphorus. convenient! Nova Peak has a very low sodium content Produced for professionals in fertigationand is thus suitable for and foliar application, the Nova specialtyrecycling systems. fertilizers are of unrivaled quality and are highly soluble.They can be mixed with other straight fertilizer products or compound water-soluble fertigationCode: fertilizers, such as Agrolution pHLow,MONOPOAgrolution Special and Solinure.Benefits of Nova:Nova MAP Broad, complementary portfolio of straight fertilizers. (12-61-0, mono-ammonium phosphate) is theHighly concentrated soluble fertilizers. ideal starter fertilizer of all crops, immediatelyHigh purity. before and after seeding and planting.Nova MAP is a crystalline powder, free of chloride Low salt index. and sodium.It isConsistent quality. ideal for increasing the availability of soil phosphorus, especially in calcareous soils. Nova PeKacid(0-60-20) is a solid phosphoric acid enriched with potassium.It is a patented water-solubleCode: PK fertilizer that can be used successfully inMAPHORT25KGhard water conditions.This white fertilizer is sodium-free and chloride-free, and extremely soluble at 670g/liter of water (at 20C). Nova Ferti-KDue to its high acidity it helps to keep (0-0-61, potassium chloride) is the ideal drippers clean.Its high acidity also meansproduct for chloride-tolerant crops.It is PeKacid can be tank-mixed with calcium the richest and yet the cheapest potassium and magnesium carriers, despite its highfertilizer.It improves fruit colour, sweetness levels of phosphorus. and oil content.Along with potassium, chloride plays an important role in controlling general osmotic pressure within plant cells.It is directly involved in the regulation of leaf stomata to open or close. Code:Code: PEKACID25KG POTC216E: info@agrii.co.uk | T: 0845 607 3322 | www.agrii.co.uk'