b'SOLUBLE FERTILISERSKristalon(Water soluble NPKCode: fertilisers for liquid feeding) Kristalon Lilac 20-8-8 KRISTALBenefits: Kristalon Blue 19-6-20 KRISTABLContain a full range of chelated Kristalon Orange 6-12-36 KRISTAOtrace elements. Kristalon Green 18-18-18 KRISTAGIdeal for all irrigation systems, drip, Kristalon White 15-5-30 KRISTAWtape, sprinkler and pivot systems. Kristalon Brown 3-11-38+TE KRISTABRPack Size: Kristalon Scarlet 7.5-12-36+TE KRISSC25kg. Polythene non slip bags. Kristalon Red 12-12-36+TE KRISRED25KGKristalon Yellow 13-40-13 KRISTALONYAmnitra L(Liquid Ammonium Nitrate) Solinure 3 Extra K 12-5-36+2MgO+TEBenefits:Amnitra L is a liquid nitrogen fertiliser. The Solinure water-soluble fertiliser range is Suited to application through all fertigationdesigned for fruit and vegetables that are grown drip systems. in field or glasshouse environments.An extra Safe to handle, non hazardous liquidboost of magnesium and trace elementsammonium nitrate. aiding improved performance from your crop.Compatibility: BenefitsCan be used in combinationPerfect for soil, glasshouseswith Calcinit, and tunnel systems.Magnitra L /Solinure Extra KKrista-Mag. is especiallyrecommended tobe used from fruitset and duringfruit development. No chloride,contains lowlevel of urea. Full traceelement package,includes MgO.Size & Code:Size & Code: 20 litre cans (24.8kg) NITR8 25kg 1000 litre non-returnable IBC NITR9 SOLINGT325KGAncillary Product Catalogue 15'