b'SOLUBLE FERTILISERSKrista-SOP Krista-MKPSuitable for fertigation and is ideal whereA clean, fully water soluble phosphorus and high potassium levels are required withoutpotassium fertiliser, particularly suited to a additional nitrogen.It is suitable for cropswide range of horticultural crops.Its a free with a high sulphur demand.It has very lowflowing, fine crystalline powder dissolving chloride content and is highly soluble andquickly in water.Krista-MKP is suited to dissolves very quickly. application through all fertigation systemshydroponics, drip systems, low throw sprinklers, centre pivots, spray units, misters.Code:Code: POTC1 MONOPOCalsal(Liquid Calcium Nitrate)Paddock Benefits:Royale (12-11-18) Calsal is a liquid calcium nitrate fertiliser.Suited to application through allA compound prilled fertiliser for horse fertgation systems.and pony pastures.Balanced nutrients All nitrogen in the nitrate form.for plant and animal growth.Easy to Less than 0.002% NH4-N.handle 25kg bag.Accurate to apply Compatibility: Calsal can be mixed with all compound fertiliser.All the elements in water soluble fertilisers except stock solutions every prill for accurate application. containing either sulphate or phosphate.Size & Code:Size & Code: 25kg bags1000 litre non-returnable PADDOCKR IBC CALN6Ancillary Product Catalogue 13'