b'FERTILISERSFertiliser (20-10-10) Urea PhosphateUniform prilled compound fertiliser for The highest solubility rate compared to other Sportsfield application and generalphosphate sources.Dissolves very fast and is fertiliser for spring and summer. a very efficient acidifier.Urea Phosphate can Size & Code:reduce water hardness, helps keep nozzles 25kg bagsand dripper clean and free from clogging, can also be used as an alternative to acids.Helps 201010A to increase the availability of micronutrients in high pH conditions.Reduced N volatilisation with use of Urea Phosphate.Code: UREAPHOS25DKBonemeal, Fish, Blood & Bone and Garden LimeIdeal for breaking down heavy clay soilsto improve drainage and promote strong root growth.It also counteracts high soil acidity to encourage healthy plant growth and enables a wider range of plants to grow successfully. Use as a late autumn or winter application onto frost-free beds,borders and vegetable plot soil.Reduces soil acidity. Improves drainage. Promotes strong root. Soluble Fertilisers growth.Code: Bonemeal BONEMEFish, Blood & BoneFISHBLGarden Lime GARDENAncillary Product Catalogue 11'