WHERE TO USE EACH MIXTURE FUNCTION PM 5 PM 20 PM 36 TM 4 PM 70 PM 79 PM 75 TM 8 PM 60 Bowling Green 4 Landscape 4 Caravans 4 Cricket Square 4 Cricket Outfield 4 Croquet 4 Lawn Economy 4 Lawn Fine 4 Lawn Designer 4 Football 4 Gallops 4 Golf Fairway 4 Golf Green 4 Golf Tee 4 Orchard 4 Polo 4 Putting Green 4 Rugby 4 Sport Renovation 4 Shady 4 Tennis 4 We would recommend that over-seeding during or at the end of the playing season is part of your normal management. This will help to maintain ground cover and lengthen the time between re-seeds. Agrii offers a nationwide service of advice and seed supply. If your needs are not met within the mixtures shown here please contact your agronomist for a customised mixture. kg required to reseed at 20g/m2 35g/m2 Small football pitch 90m x 45m 80 140 Large football pitch 120m x 90m 220 380 Bowling green 40m x 40m X 60 Cricket square 27m x 6m X 40 Hockey pitch 90m x 55m 100 180 Polo pitch 275m x 180m 1,000 X Rugby pitch 100m x 70m 140 250 ‘000 seeds / kg Days to emerge Shade tolerance Perennial ryegrass 750 3-14 - average Chewings fescue 950 10-25 + average Slender CRF 950 10-25 + average Strong CRF 930 10-25 + average Sheeps fescue 1,000 8-23 + average Bent grass 13,000 10-24 + average Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 3,500 10-24 - average TURFMASTER Supplementary services Farmer-friendly Input Finance In association with DLL Finance Agrii Finance is independent of grain transactions and you won’t be committed to a particular input manufacturer. It means you can make the best growing and marketing decisions for your crops without being constrained by cash availability. CROP PROTECTION ANIMAL HEALTH MASTER SEEDS FERTILISER Credit is subject to status and credit acceptance. All applicants must be 18 or over and credit is for business purposes only. Documentation fee applies. ✚ Flexible repayment structures tailored to your needs ✚ Very competitive fixed interest rates ✚ Fast and efficient process ✚ Exclusive to Agrii customers for ALL Agrii inputs ✚ Minimum spend £3k Agrii Finance is a highly attractive input financing facility, giving you the flexibility to manage cash flow to suit your business needs. For more information, speak to your usual Agrii contact or call our Finance Team who will be pleased to help... Agrii Finance Team 01937 588095 or email af@agrii.co.uk www.agrii.co.uk @AgriiUK Please contact customer services: e: livestock@agrii.co.uk t: 0845 6073322 80 SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES