Compound feed and protein LLOYDS ANIMAL FEEDS Agrii has a close and successful business relationship with Lloyds Animal Feeds and we are able to supply compound feeds for the beef, sheep and dairy sectors of the farming industry. Based in Oswestry, Lloyds produces very high quality products, available in both bulk and bags, delivering over a large area. They deliver on behalf of Agrii. Internal and on farm support is an important addition offered by the highly qualified staff at Lloyds. TO HELP ACHIEVE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF THE CORRECT PRODUCT, AGRII OFFERS A FORAGE ANALYSIS SERVICE TO DETERMINE AVAILABILITY OF VITAMINS AND TRACE ELEMENTS Vitamins, trace elements and available products TRACE ELEMENTS AND MINERAL BUCKETS Agrii trace element products provide a constant supply of readily available minerals and trace elements for both cattle and sheep, either at grass or housed. The Agrii range has been formulated on the basis of determining the needs of livestock by first looking at the availability of mineral/trace elements from forage. Forage alone cannot always be relied on to maximise the health of livestock. It is therefore not only important to ascertain feed values, but also to establish the status of mineral and vitamin availability, to make sure that the correct balance is achieved to maintain maximum livestock production. Over the past years forage analysis has shown that trace element status is not as good as expected, with very low levels of selenium and cobalt and decreased levels of zinc, iodine and phosphorous. Antagonistic minerals such as iron, molybdenum, potassium, manganese and aluminium appear to have increased from previous years. Trace element drenches such as Superthrive Drench and a range of both sheep and cattle buckets have chelated trace elements to protect against antagonists. ORAL DRENCHES Ranging from Thrift, which offers selenium, cobalt and vitamin B12 , to Superthrive Lamb & Ewe, a broad spectrum vitamin and trace element drench with the added advantage of chelated trace elements (please see page 11). A RANGE OF BOLUS CHOICES FOR BOTH SHEEP AND CATTLE The sheep bolus range is available with trace elements including selenium, iodine and cobalt, and is also available with added copper if required, offering 6 months’ supply to sheep. This sustained release bolus is designed for instances where iodine, selenium and cobalt supplementation is essential in the run up to tupping, at scanning, pre- lambing or overwintering. The cattle bolus range offers sustained release of 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins, designed for grazing and forage fed animals, to help farmers manage the trace element status of their herd over critical periods of the production cycle. Also available with added iodine. Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 9 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION 8 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION Lloyds animal feeds offer a bespoke range of animal nutrition exclusively formulated for Agrii customers. ● Fixed formulations ● Fixed pricing contracts ● Nutritional advice ● On farm rationing ● Complete service Contact your Agrii representative or Nick Beard 07970 219562 Lloyds Animal feeds Customer service 01691 830741