Although it has the same name as the wheat disease, the maize eyespot fungus is specific to maize and is not related to the eyespot seen in wheat crops. Cultural control practices can help, such as the use of appropriate rotations and deep ploughing of maize residues. In addition to this Agrii carries out eyespot screening annually across the maize descriptive lists, and variations in resistance have been seen across varieties. Although the disease is often overlooked at later stages of growth, evidence suggests that spraying can provide disease control, increase greening, improve growth and development, and delay senescence, all leading to increased yield and subsequent energy production. For advice on the best fungicide programme for your crop please speak to your local Agrii contact. Agrii noticed the higher tolerance of Salgado in 2011 and now we have the data to back this up. We are therefore using Salgado in mixes in fields with earlier material such as FieldStar. ✚ This is highly beneficial: – Reducing the risk of eyespot – Increasing the opportunity for pollination – Bringing harvest earlier without compromising yield Salgado has been sold for longer than any other variety. Its stay-green character under significant eyespot pressure makes it a low risk variety to grow. Breeder’s note: You can’t breed for eyespot tolerance – there are no genetic markers. However, we can select for it and our trials in the eyespot hotspot of the south west, help us to discard material that is weak against the disease. BEST: SALGADO EXCELLENT: KONSULIXX GOOD: FIELDSTAR Crop protection: Maize eyespot(Kabatiella zeae) Germination Leaf development Stem elongation Tasseling Flowering Fruit development Ripening 00-09 89 69-79 63 53 34 30 15 14 12 11 05 00 11-19 30-39 51-59 61-69 71-79 83-89 Eyespot occurs most frequently in cool rainy seasons ✚ Germination requires at least 7 hours of continuous leaf wetness ✚ Disease spreads most rapidly 10-12ºC ✚ Eyespot can quickly spread and infect the whole plant resulting in severe yield losses (up to 80%) ENSURE THAT CROPS ARE WELL PROTECTED AGAINST DISEASE INFESTATION THIS SEASON BY TIMELY APPLICATIONS Opera can provide good control of eyespot when applied before the start of disease infection. Apply either as soon as disease is detected after the start of stem elongation or as late as practically possible e.g. mid-flowering as shown below. Key period for disease control is between mid-July and mid-September Untreated 1.01 l/ha fungicide 1.5 l/ha fungicide Salgado on the left adjacent to a dead looking Kougar in our Devon trial, 2011. Eye spots on leaf Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 73 CROP PROTECTION 72 CROP PROTECTION Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322