GET MORE FROM YOUR GRASS Grassmanship is an integrated approach to optimise elements of grassland management, including growth and productivity, weed control and re-seeding. Grassmanship Productivity • Performance • Progress TM SMARTGRASS R Targeting control of ragwort and other difficult weeds in established grassland Powerful broad-leaved weed control including thistles, buttercups and docks in newly sown leys Enhances growth and maximizes productivity utilising innovative biorational technolog Grassland destruction with complete weed control for flexible re-seeding Just as crops grown for grain and seeds, forage crops benefit from the removal of weeds. Weeds compete for light and nutrients and at early stages of development can smother out forage crops. Stubble turnips in particular can benefit from the removal of volunteers. Fodder beet, like sugar beet is one of the most challenging crops to grow. A comprehensive early weed control programme is crucial to ensure you get a sufficient plant population and consequently plentiful forage. FLEA BEETLE IN FORAGE CROPS Forage crops are vulnerable to flea beetle. Where neonicitinoid seed treatments are still permitted such as on kale, these can help. Flea beetle resistance to pyrethroids is now quite widespread in the UK so seek advice from your agronomist on how to best manage this pest. A GROWER’S PERSPECTIVE “High quality fodder crops are essential for the profitability and sustainability of our livestock enterprise. We have found that investment in a good agronomic package from the start always pays off. It’s very much a case when we are deciding whether to grow the crop, of doing it properly or not at all.” RICHARD ALBUTT Postlip Hall Farm, Winchcombe MEET THE TEAM All of our agronomists are experts in crop protection. Please speak to your usual Agrii contact or get in touch with our customer services team to find out who is the best person to speak to in your area. Crop protection: Forage crops Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 71 CROP PROTECTION