A QUICK AND EASY GUIDE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE TERMS FOUND ON YOUR FORAGE ANALYSIS REPORT Protein and home mixing The majority of Agrii protein supplements are manufactured under the ‘Superstock’ label by Rumenco at Burton-on-Trent. The utilisation of home grown cereals with added protein is now practiced on many farms. Cereals have recently been at the lower end of the price market and so using them as a base for home feeding is very economical. The Superstock range of protein supplements has been manufactured to cater for a number of farm enterprises such as: ✚ Intensive beef finishers. ✚ Semi intensive beef. ✚ Beef stores. ✚ Dairy followers. ✚ Pre-lambing rations for breeding ewes. ✚ Creep feed rations for lambs. ✚ Store and finishing lamb rations. Forage analysis: common terms Dry matter Quantity of material remaining after the water has been removed by oven drying. For silage it is adjusted to recognise the presence of volatile components. Ash A measure of the total mineral content of silage. Intake Factor Provides a guide to the relative intake of the silage based on a combination of parameters, these include dry matter, lactic acid, ammonia, nitrogen and ME. Crude Protein This is calculated from the total nitrogen content of the sample and converted to crude protein (CP = N x 6.25). Ammonia % of Total Nitrogen Ammonia is formed by the breakdown of protein during the ensiling process. MPE A measure of metabolisable protein produced in relation to the energy content of the forage. MPN A measure of the metabolisable protein produced in relation to the nitrogen content of the forage. MPB A measure of the metabolisable protein produced by protein in the forage. sN, aN, bN, cN Used to calculate the effective rumen degradable protein (RDP) and the digestible undegraded protein (DUP). pH A measure of the acidity of the silage. Lactic Acid The main fermentation acid produced during the ensiling process. Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA’s) The proportion of undesirable acids produced during the fermentation process e.g. butyric acid. Potential Acid Loading (PAL) Used with NDF to estimate the amount of acid in the rumen. Rumen Stability Value (RSV) An estimate of the potential disturbance of rumen fermentation due to low pH. Metabolisable Energy (ME) The estimated energy value of the forage, this is measured using an agreed method under the FIM scheme. Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) A measure of the cellulose and lignin in the cell wall, which is likely to degrade slowly or not at all. NeutralDetergent Fibre (NDF) A measure of the insoluble cell wall fraction of the forage, some of which may be digested in the rumen. This consists of hemicelluslose, cellulose and lignin. D Value A measure of the digestible organic matter (DOMD) content of the forage. Sugar A measure of grass sugars left after fermentation into lactic acid. sDM, aDM, bDM, cDM This is used to calculate rumen bacterial yield from energy in the forage. HI-PRO 50 BEEF DRY EXAMPLE MIX Whole Barley @ £125.00 95% 90% Hi-Pro 50 beef @ £474.00 5% 10% ME of mix (MJ/kgDM) 12.9 12.8 CP of mix % 13 14.5 Cost/tonne £ £142.50 £159.90 COMBI-PRO SHEEP EXAMPLE IN LAMB EWES 3/4 WEEKS PRE LAMBING % of Ration Protein M.E. Based on RDP Wheat 30% 3.75% 4.08 Barley 30% 3.24% 3.96 Oats 25% 2.25% 2.75 Combi-Pro 50 15% 7.50% 1.8 Total 100% 16.70% 12.6 Alternative rations prior to the 3/4 weeks pre lambing are available. Changes can be made according to availability of cereals on farm. The Hi-Pro 50 RDP range features strongly in home produced formulations for both cattle and sheep. The attraction of feeding Hi-Pro is that both the beef and lamb producer can obtain excellent results from starchy products using a high percentage of home grown cereals. Where there is need for a percentage of DUP in the ration, Superstock Combi-Pro 50 is added for young calves (pre-ruminating) and also for pre-lambing ewe rations and lamb creep rations. The Superstock range is also fully mineralised with added vitamins, making the process of mixing that much easier, as in many cases there is no need to add extra minerals. Information supplied by CNS Please contact customer services: e: livestock@agrii.co.uk t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: livestock@agrii.co.uk t: 0845 6073322 7 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION 6 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION