J F M A M J J A S O N D FODDER BEET Sowing Feeding TARINE New variety – highest yielding in our trials BLIZZARD White roots with big DM yields ROBBOS Clean yellow roots very consistent performance SEED RATES: Kale Drill kg/ha kg/ac 4-5 1-2 Broadcast kg/ha kg/ac 8 3 Agrii recommends the variety Artus which came top in our trials for dry matter and yield. Of great benefit is the low dirt tare particularly important for AD plants. ARTUS ENERGY BEET 2016 Fodder beet is one of the more challenging crops to grow, with big investment required. An early and comprehensive weed control programme is essential for this crop. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON: ✚ Crop protection in fodder beet, please see page 75. Clean red roots ideal for first time growers BLAZE FODDER BEET Variety selection HIGH DM % Big DM yields but dirtier roots – ideal for harvesting with sugar beet machinery MEDIUM DM % Clean roots ideal for leaf lifting harvesting equipment Kale for cattle needs to be taller than for sheep to improve grazing height and reduce spoilage. Of the two varieties Caledonian is higher yielding but Grampian has a higher dry matter and better ME. Keeper is the best variety for sheep as it is very leafy, low growing and highly digestible. It is also low in SMCO toxins which can cause haemolysis. Pinfold will provide excellent yields in a short time and is ideal for early sowing. J F M A M J J A S O N D RAPE/KALE HYBRID Sowing Feeding KALE Variety selection DAIRY & BEEF Tall thick stemmed varieties with maximum yield potential SHEEP & LAMBS Leafy types with a shorter growing season CALEDONIAN Highest yielding in UK trials with club root tolerance KEEPER Short leafy type ideal for lamb production GRAMPIAN Highly digestible for increased intakes PINFOLD Intermediate height with fast growth potential BOMBARDIER Quality feed with maximum yield Fodder crops Beet Fodder crops Kale As a brassica, kale is vulnerable to and can act as a host for, club root. Beware of planting kale as a cover crop in short rotations with OSR. To help prevent the build-up of disease keep rotations longer and consider the use of tolerant varieties such as Caledonian. WINTER HARDINESS The best varieties for winter hardiness are those with a higher dry matter and more root in the ground. Variety Relative dry matter yield DM % % root in ground Brick 117 23 75 Blizzard 101 22 72 Tarine 108 21 64 Robbos 100 20 60 Blaze 96 19 57 Source: Limagrain fodder beet trials 1998 - 2016. BRICK New high DM% % Dry matter Dry matter t/ha 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 20 21 22 23 24 25 756 Beretta Cindy Blizzard Danny Artus Barents Lipizzana Gerty Enermax Please contact customer services: e: livestock@agrii.co.uk t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: livestock@agrii.co.uk t: 0845 6073322 57 FORAGE CROP SELECTION AND ESTABLISHMENT 56 FORAGE CROP SELECTION AND ESTABLISHMENT